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The Second Forum on Cultural Heritage of the "16 + 1" Initiative held in China

The Second Forum on Cultural Heritage was held in Luoyang, PR China from April 10 to April 12, organized by the National Cultural Heritage Administration of the People’s Republic of China. The Forum was held in accordance with the "Sofia Guidelines for 16 + 1 Cooperation" document, which was adopted at the Heads of Government Summit of the Member States of the 16 + 1 Process.

The Forum, hosted by the Mayor of Luoyang Municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of PR China, was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Culture of Central and Eastern Europe and experts in the field.  The Republic of North Macedonia was represented by Mr. Afet Jashari, Cabinet Officer for Program Coordination at the Ministry of Culture, and Ms. Ivana Damovska, Strategic Planning Advisor at the China- CEEC Cultural Cooperation Coordination Centre.  China-CEEC Cultural Cooperation Coordination Centre-Skopje was presented at the Forum as an executive coordinating body committed to monitoring, promoting and affirming of the mutual cultural cooperation between PR China and the CEE countries, as well as of implementing the documents adopted under the 16 + 1 Process. In addition the 4th Ministerial Forum, to be held in Skopje in November this year, was announced. The 4th Ministerial Forum will be attended by all Ministers from the Central and Eastern European countries and PR China.


The theme of this Forum was "Prehistory" and the Macedonian side presented the “Bay of Bones” - a bay at Ohrid Lake and an archaeological site. The site is at the place called "Plateau Micov Grad", which has reconstructed pile dwellings (Water Museum "Bay of Bones") and platforms for visitors. The Ministry of Culture and the China-CEEC Cultural Cooperation Coordination Centre in Skopje, remain committed to promoting international cultural cooperation through their numerous activities planned for this year.


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