Museums and Protection of Cultural Heritage Republic of North Macedonia

Participation in the Second Forum of Experts on Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the 16+1 Process

The Second Forum of Experts on Conservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage -China - CEEC was held in Hangzhou, from 17th to 22nd September 2018.

Fourteen countries, members of the 16+1 Process, had their representatives. The participants from Republic of Macedonia were Mr. Garip Muslii, Filigree Craftsman, Mr. Rini Useini, Ethnologist at the Institute of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage of Albanians, and Ms. Meri Stojanova, Director of NI Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum-Bitola.

The focus of the Forum was craftsmanship and the protection of the intangible cultural heritage in general with expert presentations and discussions on the main theme: “Creation of Cultural Memories with Hands”.  Positive practices and experiences were shared concerning the protection of the intangible cultural heritage but also its difficulties and challenges were discussed.

Macedonian participants had presentations in the section dedicated to Traditional Craftsmanship and the Lifestyle.  Ms. Meri Stojanova presented a paper titled: “Traditional Craftsmanship and Modern Changes-New Way of Preserving the Memories of the Bridal Caskets”, while Mr. Rini Useini spoke about the Craftsmanship faced with the Modernization giving a chronological overview of the conditions and the development of traditional millinery and the problems it is facing with the modernization of the society and the lifestyle changes.

In addition to the many benefits of the Forum gained through discussions with colleagues from the member countries of the 16+1 Process, one the most significant was the signing of the Letter of Intent for Cooperation between the Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publishing from Hangzhou, Gongshu Province in PR China and the NI “Institute and Museum” – Bitola.

Also additional modes of cooperation and exchange of exhibitions in the field of intangible cultural heritage were agreed to be realized in the coming years, which would contribute to the deepening of the already initiated cooperation between CEE countries and PR China.