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Macedonian publishing house “MAKEDONIKA LITERA” part of the Chinese international “Cloud Reading” event

On the occasion of the 25th World Book Day, on April 23, Macedonian publishing house “MAKEDONIKA LITERA” took part in the international “Cloud Reading” event, organized by China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration.

Mr. Nove Cvetanoski, the publishing director of “MAKEDONIKA LITERA”, together with representatives from Poland, Belarus, Lebanon, Japan, Spain and Peru, read excerpts from Chinese books translated in their mother tongues.

The international “Cloud Reading” event aimed to encourage reading and scholarly spirit and to promote and support international book publishing exchanges and cooperation.

Macedonian publishing house “MAKEDONIKA LITERA” has well established collaboration with Dolphin Publishing House and has already co-produced the publishing of 13 books from the “Best Chinese children’s literature” edition.    


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